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Helpful tips on how to run an effective virtual board meeting

For virtual board meetings to be effective, it is important to organize them properly. In this article, we have prepared several recommendations that will help you avoid mistakes in organizing a business meeting online, make it comfortable for partners, achieve mutual understanding and better results.

What should be considered while preparing the virtual board meeting?

The board meeting is always a responsible event. If they take place remotely, then their success depends not only on the ability to listen to the interlocutor and convey one’s thoughts with a reason but also on the technical component of the process and several other factors.

The board meeting of any level is usually preceded by a lot of preparatory work, namely, drawing up the agenda, preparing each issue for discussion, drawing up a list of invitees, drafting decisions, notifying those responsible, etc. Based on the results of the meeting, a protocol is drawn up, which records the course of discussion of the issues considered at the meeting and the adoption of decisions. The protocol is signed by the chairman and the secretary. Protocols are registered and executed as organizational and administrative documents with control over the execution of instructions for each issue or even part of the issue.

Helpful tips to make board meetings more efficient

There are certain common tips that will help to make your virtual board meeting more productive:

  • Choose the right tool for your meeting

First of all, we are talking about an online meeting platform that is familiar to most users. In this case, board platform is the best alternative. The solution is designed to provide informational support for the preparation and holding of meetings of such collegiate management bodies of the organization as the Board of Directors, the Management Board, Committees and Commissions, etc. The solution provides work on preparing issues for meetings and fixing the decisions taken in the minutes, as well as on further control over the implementation of decisions.

  • Submit your meeting agenda ahead of time.

No one will likely read it. Here the meaning is different – people who understand how important it is to have an agenda before the meeting will notice that you sent it. And in their eyes, you will score points. You’ll look more professional than 90% of other meeting hosts simply by sending out a thoughtful agenda.

  • Consider the timing

Not everyone likes online board meetings, so you should try to reduce the time for expressing your ideas and proposals, structure your speech and convey all thoughts concisely. It will be useful both for you and for partners because every minute counts for business people.

  • Ensure your comfort

Nothing should cause you inconvenience and distract you from the negotiations, so you need to take care of various aspects related to comfort. It is necessary to position yourself so that at any time you can write down important information, make notes. Think about lighting so that it does not bother you with too much or too little brightness. Such nuances sometimes make you nervous, do not allow you to concentrate and perceive everything that the interlocutor says.

  • Be sure to write a report on the last meeting

Someone did not come to the meeting, someone does not remember what was there, someone lost the main idea in a heated discussion. That is why it is very important to write a meeting report. The report, like the agenda, shows your culture, and people who understand its importance will perceive your organizational skills in a completely different way.