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How to Set Up Text-to-Donate In a Few Easy Steps?

The number of online donations is growing every year. The text-to-donate method is becoming an important part of the fundraising strategy. So, how to set up text-to-donate in a few clicks? Here is more about it.

What is text-to-donate?

We want to help, but we postpone it for a day, a week, or indefinitely. We usually regret, but justify ourselves by lack of time or necessary information for targeted assistance. Today, the mediators between us and those who need help created specially designed mobile applications that can help everyone – both those who have not yet had experience in the charity and those who consider it an integral part of their lives for many years – to get one step closer to its goal.

According to the Blackbaud Institute’s Charitable Giving Report, online giving in the US increased by 6.8% in 2019 compared to 2018. In general, over the past three years, the growth was 9.8%. At the same time, the trend of a significant increase in online donations for small organizations (annual volume of funds raised less than 1 million US dollars) remains – 8.3%, for large ones (over 10 million US dollars) – 4.9%. In the total share of sources of income, online donations in 2019 accounted for 14.1% for small organizations, and 4% for large ones.

The share of transactions and revenues from mobile users is growing even faster than the share of their visits. Donors use tools that make mobile transactions easier and more attractive. One of such innovative methods is text-to-donate service. This method is available in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, and Wales. This mobile charity service was organized to help people who have diabetes, and cancer.

Fundraising consultants believe that the trend towards virtual events will continue because it allows non-profit organizations to overcome geographic restrictions, reduce the cost of tickets for events and reduce the cost of holding them, collect the necessary data for further interaction. To stay relevant in the future, it is necessary to optimize all processes for mobile devices and develop mobile fundraising strategies. People will manage, control and measure their charitable activities primarily through mobile devices.

How to set up text-to-donate?

The text-to-donate service trend is gaining momentum, as it is associated with setting up online campaigns and increasing fees from them. Experts highlight the study of the digital footprint of donors, the use of blockchain technology as a faster way to donate as trends.

The donor guide includes the following actions:

  • Send an SMS to your church’s designated number with the amount you want to donate;
  • If you do it for the first time, you will be prompted to visit a secure URL;
  • When you follow this link, there will be the field for your credit card information;
  • You will receive an SMS from your operator asking you to confirm the transfer of funds;
  • After confirming the payment, the specified amount is debited from your phone;
  • Your donation will be confirmed immediately by SMS.

Payment confirmation can come from the short number to which the initial SMS message was sent, or from the service number of the telecom operator.


Besides, if the amount of money was transferred to the Foundation by mistake and the person who transferred the funds did not intend to donate to the Foundation, the Foundation has the right to return the mistakenly transferred amount.